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Schau Dir Angebote von World Of Tank auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter Große Auswahl an Wot Künstig. Vergleiche Preise für Wot Künstig und finde den besten Preis Tank Destroyers are definitely some of the biggest damage dealers in World of Tanks, and the Hellcat is no exception. Its top gun has excellent aim time, reload and pure damage in this tier. It has some of the best camouflage values in its tier, which helps it act as one of the most efficient snipers from tiers 5-7 Best Tanks in Tier 3 Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C. Staying with the German theme, it's our next entry, the Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C. This light tank is fast in both it's mobility around the map and with its rate of fire. It delivers phenomenal burst damage of 240-400 per clip which is usually enough to take out any tank within its tier. Plus, thanks to its small frame and view range, it isn't a half-bad spotter either

Performance analysis - Matilda, at tier IV has an armor profile comparable to KV 1, and KV 1 is regarded as one of the best-armored tier V heavy tanks! Its gun is arguably the best of any tier IV medium, with T 28s ZiS-4 being the only other contestant. Matildas mobility is, however, nothing to write home about (let's just say that if Matilda was a postman your letter would not arrive at its destination before Christmas). Despite this lack of leg power, a sight of Matilda reaping whole enemy. Best Tanks in Tier 9 Vickers Cruiser. Our first tier nine entry comes from Britain and is the light tank called the Vickers Cruiser. This tank is known best for its excellent manoeuvrability, being able to use its 65% rating to zip around the battlefield. Then, in addition, the tank also has a very good shot efficiency of 80%, which means that if you get into a good position, chances are you'll make it count, especially with respectable firepower of 59% to work with

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Matilda is considered to be one of the best tanks in World of Tanks. Her statistics are incredible, her turret speed and rate of fire are very quick, and her penetrating power is capable of damaging even Tier 6 tanks And if you just want to farm some WR in lower tiers, this is the tank for you. 2. AMX ELC. The most fun tank in this tier. 3. M4 Sherman. The best medium in this tier. Good mobility and gun handling, solid turret, excellent gun depression. This is the best tank to learn hull down play style for beginners. Tier 6: 1. Cromwell B. One of the best mediums in this tier. Great mobility and gun depression is a deadly combination in any tier. That being said, this tank has a high ceiling and a low. KV-2, tier 6 HT (152 mm), capable of one-shotting up to tier 6 heavy tanks when firing HE, and basically every tier 5 with AP. Tier 7 one-shotting viable. Tier 7 one-shotting viable. SU-152, tier 7 TD (152 mm), uses the same 152 mm gun as the KV-2, and available tanks are the same

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Best Tanks By Tier! - posted in Vehicle Comparison: Fellow WoT players,A question on peoples thoughts on the best tanks at each tier. Please share with what you think are the best tanks at each tier. Cheer Artillerie: Der beste Fernkämpfer; Der beste Tier 1-Panzer: Leichttraktor; Der beste Tier 2-Panzer: Renault R35; Der beste Tier 3-Panzer: Somua S35; Der beste Tier 4-Panzer: Matilda; Der beste Tier 5-Panzer: AT 2; Der beste Tier 6-Panzer: KV-2; Der beste Tier 7-Panzer: AT 7; Der beste Tier 8-Panzer: Emil 1; Der beste Tier 9-Panzer: AMX M4 mle. 5

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  1. The weapons of this tank are also great. Knowing when and where to hit, can help you takedown most Tier 3 and even Tier 4 tanks. Tier 4 - Matilda. Matilda has one of the best Weapon sets for a Tier 4 tank. You can absolutely destroy any tier 4 tank with the correct combination. The other highlight of this tank is its Overpowered Armor
  2. Tier VII. Light Tanks AMX 13 57 AMX 13 57 GF AMX 13 75 Aufklärungspanzer Panther GSR 3301 Setter Hotchkiss EBR LTG Spähpanzer SP I C T71 CMCD T71 CMCD P T71 DA Type 62 WZ-131. Medium Tanks A-44 Comet CS-44 Konštrukta T-34/100 KV-13 Leo P.43 ter Panther Panther/M10 T-34-1 T-43 T-44-122 T-44-85 T20 T23E3 T26E3 Eagle 7 Type 5 Chi-Ri VK 30.02 (D) Heavy Tanks 45TP Habicha AMX M4 mle. 45 Black.
  3. M18 Hellcat ahead of us. With a powerful 90 mm gun, it can deal huge damage to enemies. Penetration not good enough for higher tiers, but enough for its tier. The best feature of Hellcat is its mobility. 72 km/h top speed is faster than lots of light tanks and makes it the fastest TD in the game

0:00 / 22:25. Live. •. iFacePalm shares in 2021 his Top 3 most enjoyable Premium Tanks of each tier in World of Tanks and in addition explaining why they deserve the spot on the list by listing their highlights, strengths and specialities. Do notice that some of the tiers also includes up to 2 runner ups Click the link to download it to your phone and get FREE GOLD in World of Tanks http://bit.ly/2SzTzTt Use my (referral) code: ''5fhfm'' and get 10 Gold as a.. Progetto M40 model 65 is an Italian Tier X Medium Tank. According to many experienced players, this vehicle is the best Tier X Medium tank - and we must agree. Like any other high tier Italian tank, this vehicle has an auto-reloading system WoT Best Tier 8 Light Tank: LT-432. LT-432 and all its glory. The best overall tank for tier 8 is the premium LT-432, winning best survivability. It is versatile, being able to deal with any encounter it faces. It surprisingly has a lot of armor for a light tank while still maintaining overall mobility. What Makes LT-432 Awesome Medium tanks. We've got five candidates here: M4A1 Revalorisé; T-54 First Prototype; T-44-100; Lorraine 40T; Progetto M35 mod. 46; Centurion 5/1; From these, the winner is the Progetto M35 mod. 46. Why? Well it's not the utility as a crew trainer - given the limited size of the Italian tech tree there aren't many options - even though the Standard B at tier IX is a bit of a wonderful medium monster, it's still only one tank

Tier 6- VK.36 All around best tank in the game. Tier 7-Tiger, Excellent Sniper, Not that bad anywhere else. Tier 8- Tiger 2, Tough choice, But the Tiger 2 is the best overall package. Tier 9- E-75, Everything a heavy needs to be, and its flaws are easy to manage. For the most part. Tier 10- Purely opinion as at this tier more so than others, all are balanced evenly in their own way. JgpzE-100. World of Tanks Best Tank in Tiers by MasterWolf. Tier 1: The Mighty MS1 - good gun, good armor, good speed - stand out tier 1 tank Tier 2: BT2 - combination of speed, agility and a decent gun make it the best of its class and pipping the pzKpfw35(t) by a narrow margin to win Tier 3: The M2 Medium - really hard class with some excellent little tanks and arguably the best SPG in the game. Too expensive and frustrating. if called upon by a team or clan will roll out the Object 140 to do the scouting job on X matches. Honorary mention goes to the most nerfed tank in WOT: the MT-25 It used to be good, now the AMX 12twill outmatch it in Stealth, speed and gun: the 75mm autoloder is the best gun on tier VI scout World of Tanks. Today I'm rating ALL Tier 8 Premium tanks in World of Tanks!SUBSCRIBE for more videos!: https://goo.gl/5VIiJnSPONSOR THE CHANNEL: https://g.. Source: QuickyBaby. Sometimes in World of Tanks you don't want to always be playing Tier 10 so here's some of the best Tier 7 tanks for your mid tier enjoyment!. World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download

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Yo guys thanks for watching! Don't forget to like the video and let me know what your top 5 best low tier tanks is! Cya at the next one!Link to the mentioned.. Today, as you can see, I made a video about the best tier for tier tanks in the game (tier 4). I wanted to make some longer lasting series of videos from Wor.. Here's a more updated listBecome a Patron $2/month to help support the channel: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=65HQJJ..

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Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis. Das ist das neue eBay. Finde jetzt World-of-tanks-. Schau dir Angebote von World-of-tanks- bei eBay an The Best Tier IX Vehicles in World of Tanks By global win rate. Introduction. If you want to check out the best WoT Tier for Tier vehicles with our in-depth selection method explanation and analysis, go here. This article will feature Five of the best Tier IX World of Tanks vehicles. I have based my selections on a global win rating charts. There are seventeen (!) tier II light tanks in WOT, as of patch 9.14: BT-2 T-26 T-60 Pz.Kpfw.35 (t) Pz.Kpfw.I Pz.Kpfw.II M2 Light tank D1 FCM 36 Hotchkiss H35 Renault R35 Cruiser Mk.I Cruiser Mk.III M2 Cz03 LT vz35 Vickers Mk.E Type B Type 95 Ha-Go I am currently on a reroll to test these vehicle

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  1. Tier 3: Pz II J, but it's hard to get you fingers on. So I'm gonna go with Pz. S35 or T-127 who are both beasts at this tier. Love em both. Tier 4: Pz B2 is best, seeing as you will always be top tier and both armor and gun holds up for this tier. It's not a fun tank tho, only buy it for extreme seal clubbing
  2. Unlike the Italians, the British tanks mostly focus on slower-moving but more armored tanks that still pack a surprising amount of mobility in there. Many of the medium tank lines here follow that same idea of slower but can take a punch for the later tiers while the earlier tanks provide a similar philosophy of the quick and deadly approach, favoring speed and power over armor. However, the.
  3. Best Tier 3 Tanks - posted in In Game Vehicle Comparison: What are the best Tier three tanks? Rate based on Armor, Firepower, Speed, Survivability, Stealth. Thanks

World of Tanks is a PvP MMO game created by international game developer Wargaming. We're Redditors with a passion for gaming, tanks, and everything in between! This is a subreddit where we share WoT news, strategy tips, tank choices, and opinions. We have a number of affiliated clans on the NA, EU, and ASIA servers for all levels of game experience. Come join the conversation Swedish medium tech tree is fun, especially the tier 6 is one of the best tier 6 tanks I've used :p , the line has meh armor tho (until you get the good turrets at tier 9 and 10), also only needs 3 crew members from tier 8-10 so you could assemble an all female crew easil Most accurate/Best Arty by tier and country - posted in The Barracks: I dont necessarily want to set up a poll, but I was wondering if there is an arty that is very accurate? Me and another buddy who plays Wot were talking about the Arty We have been using, And I told him Ive been using the G.W. Panther and he says thats a pretty accurate arty and I have landed way too many shots for me to. There are five tier III tank destroyers in WOT, as of patch 9.9: SU-76 Marder II T82 Renault UE 57 Valentine AT These are not very different tanks, but they to vary, of course. Picking the best might be a bit difficult, since they are all ok, maybe except the Valentine. Both the T82 and th Which Is The Best Tier 5 Tank? - posted in General Discussion: Is lots great tier 5 tanks. Claus favorite is ELC. Sherman is good. Lots people love KV-1. Which tank your favorite? One tank you not see so much for to be little over looked is M7 American Medium. M7 can rock too. Enjoy video

So we have compiled a list of the best SPGs in World of Tanks to help you find exactly what you're looking for. So here is one artillery tank for every tier. SU-18 (Tier 2) First up is the tier two Soviet SPG, the SU-18. This one is regarded by the majority of the player base as the best artillery vehicle in the second tier. It has a good gun. This post is edited after having played the Strv 74. There are thirteen tier VI medium tanks in WOT (patch 9.17): A-43 T-34-85 VK 30.01 (D) VK 30.01 (P) VK 30.02 (M) M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo M4A3E8 Sherman Cromwell Sherman Fierfly Cz08 T 25 Type 58 Type 4 Chi-To Strv 74 A lot of these tanks Which are Best German Tanks by Tier? - posted in General Discussion: Would appreciate your comments, based on your experience of completed tree tiers you own, which German tanks are the best in terms of winning battles. My personal selection is as follows: II.- Pz. IIIII.- Pz IV AIV.- DW2V.- PZ III/IVVI.- VK 28.01 & VK 36.01HVII.- Tiger IVIII. The Best Tier VIII Premium Vehicles in World of Tanks By global win rating. Introduction. If you want to check out the best WoT Tier for Tier vehicles with our in-depth selection method explanation and analysis, go here.. This article will feature three of the best Tier VIII premium tanks overall and three of the best Tier VIII vehicles that are readily available in the Wargaming store

Best and Worst Tanks Per Tier? - posted in General Discussion: If you had to make a ranking of tanks, Tier V+ because I don't play below that, what would you put? I've been playing a lot of new and old tanks lately, and here's my list: NOTE: These are just my opinions, and take the fun value, replay ability, profit, and skill floor/ceiling as well as how strong they are from a. Wot best tanks by tier 2020. None of them is playable on CW and they aren't world beaters in randoms either. Add Tank. Tier 1 - It seriously does not matter. Top Tier VIII Premium Tanks of 2020 (Circonflexes) by iFacePalm April 13, 2020 Circonflexes rates all the tier 8 premium tanks in WOT in early 2020 where he uses approximately half an hour to distribute the vast amount of tanks among 6. This tank is one of the best in tier seven with power and mobility being key to its success. It's a fast tank for its class, being able to keep up with light tanks. It also has a low profile and one of the highest camouflage ratings in the game, making this one ideal for stealth attacks and scouting. This stealth coupled with its incredible DPM, gun handing and accuracy makes this one of the. Full WoT statistics of the best players. Only official data featured in the World of Tanks Hall of Fame Only the Luchs and the Covenanter T-50 can battle for the title Best tier IV light/scout tank. On paper, the Covenanter T-50 get an advantage as it's gun have a far higher damage per minute (DPM). However, the Luchs is better in two key aspects: Speed and view range. As a pure scout tank, when you only want to spot the enemy, I think the Luchs is the best. This is true both when you.

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Wot best tanks by tier 2020. However, getting to that point is a trial in patience, as the rest of the tree is full of stinkers until tier 9. If you want to check out the best WoT Tier for Tier vehicles with our in-depth selection method explanation and analysis, go here. IV, but with a remarkable 15° gun depression. None of them is playable on CW and they aren't world beaters in randoms. Home HoKx HoKx Clan WOT Strongholds - Tier 6 Checklist (iFacePalm) WOT Strongholds - Tier 6 Checklist (iFacePalm) by iFacePalm March 1, 2021 'Rule of Thumb' Tank Checklist for Strongholds. A few rule of thumb to cover the basics for the Tier 6 Strongholds. Updated 25th of February 2021. Tier 6 (competitive) T34-85M (Alpha Damage, Mobility, DPM, Gun Handling) T34-85; Rudy; Cromwell B. Players less than 6000 of WOT worth will have very hard times. But of course best tank in it's own tier would have to be the Type-59. A five skill crew and it prints money. Edited by Hedgehog1963, 03 March 2015 - 09:37 PM. Back to top; dennez #17 Posted 19 January 2015 - 11:59 AM. Brigadier. Player 20338 battles; 4,755; Member since: 02-26-2013; I like the T-34-1, its my fav tier 7 (but.

Wot best tanks by tier 2020. It offers great turret armor and its standard munitions are APCR! Starting off our list is a tank that recently had a brand new skin released that would make any patriot of their country proud. Allowing you to simply find your tier of choice and select one of the finest within the tier. However, getting to that point is a trial in patience, as the rest of the tree. Sometimes in World of Tanks you don't want to always be playing Tier 10 so here's some of the best Tier 7 tanks for your mid tier enjoyment!SUBSCRIBE for mor.. Best tier 5 tanks - posted in General Discussion: Best tank. Tier 5 Best tank destroyer. Tier 5 T67 (29%, 2,470 Votes) StuG III (25%, 2,073 Votes) Wolverine (15%, 1,249 Votes) AT 2 (10%, 822 Votes) SU-85 (9%, 759 Votes) Pz.Sfl. IVc (5%, 461 Votes) S 35 CA (5%, 402 Votes) SU-85I (2%, 203 Votes) Total Voters: 8,439 Vote..

The best tier VII premiums. - posted in The Barracks: When it comes to premium tanks, I feel like tier VII is both the best tier for them as well as the tier with the largest amount of underrated premiums. They might not make as many credits as tier VIII, but most tier VII premiums still make a decent amount of credits and theyre generally more fun and better than tier VIII premiums are Below are our picks for the 7 best Tier 4 tanks in World of Tanks. Type 5 Ke-Ho The Type 5 Ke-Ho is a small and nimble Japanese Light tank. Starting off our list of the 7 best Tier 4 tanks is the Type 5 Ke-Ho, a Japanese Light tank known for its small stature and agile handling. The Ke-Ho features a small turret, making firing positions from behind structures ideal, especially given the Type 5.

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Top 5 best performing tech tree tanks in wot blitz.In todays video we take a look at what are the top 5 best performing tanks are in world of tanks blitz.To. World of Tanks has a whopping 61 tier 10 tanks currently in the game, and I don't know how many people are willing to rank all 61 of them, so to make things easier I am instead asking people to rank the vehicles in each class, and then pick the best 10 and worst 10 vehicles overall (you don't have to rank the rest) Best Tanks Tier for Tier in WoT - in-depth analysis by . Buy tier 10 tank of your choice for World of Tanks. It can be completed within 10 days from T1. Guaranteed WN8 2500+ and 55%+ Winrate. Safe delivery, satisfaction guaranteed. 24/7 customer support and warranty. Premium WoT services from Overtank Für uns ist das Grund genug, euch eine Übersicht der bisher besten Panzerspiele zu. Below are a few of the best Premium tanks to earn credits in World of Tanks. Check out the video attached to this article for an overview of each tank as well. T26E5. The Patriot, or T26E5, is currently one of the best Premium tanks to earn credits in World of Tanks. It offers great turret armor and its standard munitions are APCR! Starting off our list is a tank that recently had a brand new. Id prob say Draugen if i had one, the Charioter is also note worthy, ( i know its technically a TD ) same reason - L7 gun at tier 8, that WILL poke 10s with 400ish alpha and yes its fun. Edited by RaggaMuffinReap, 27 April 2020 - 02:31 AM

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You can check WoT player ratings in the World of Tanks Hall of Fame. Only official statistics Best tier 5 tanks - posted in General Discussion: Best tank. Tier 5 Best tank destroyer. Tier 5 T67 (29%, 2,470 Votes) StuG III (25%, 2,073 Votes) Wolverine (15%, 1,249 Votes) AT 2 (10%, 822 Votes) SU-85 (9%, 759 Votes) Pz.Sfl. IVc (5%, 461 Votes) S 35 CA (5%, 402 Votes) SU-85I (2%, 203 Votes) Total Voters: 8,439 Vote.. What Are The Best Tier 6 Tanks in WoT? Penetration is the best for a tier.

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At tier 2 the VAE Type B is interesting tank since it can equip the Pom Pom which makes the British low tanks so fun to play but it is not required on any future tanks. You can either bypass the tank very quickly and never look back or stick around for a while and have a great gun at tier 2 Coming in at number five on our list of best Tier 1 tanks in World of Tanks is the Chinese Renault NC-31. This Tier 1 tank is the Chinese version of France's Renault FT. Best tier 10? Top 10 Best Credit Makers of 2017 (DezGamez) January 26, 2017. Top 10 Tanks by Tier 2019 (LuckyLeopard) December 30, 2019. All about the tank: hidden stats, armor, 3D model Best Tanks in Tier 5 KV-220 Beta.

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At tier 8 the size of your tank dramatically increases with the AT 15. The AT 15's armor has good on paper armor but the upper section of the tank is littered with weak spots. Its armor at tier 8 struggles at times against same tier tanks. Tier 9/10's especially are difficult to deal with without taking damage. To make up for the. Wot best tanks by tier 2020. Wot best tanks by tier 202 The light tank ELC AMX will be added as a new Tier 5 vehicle with 75 mm SA32, 75 mm Long 44 and 90 mm D914 mountable guns. Bat Chatillon 25t, now raised to Tier 10, will be equipped in stock with 90 mm F3 gun and have 105 mm CN-105-57 as a top gun. The details about French tanks substitution process and compensation procedure will be explained in more detail in a later update. Object 268. The Best Tier X Tanks in WoT - in-depth comparison by . Why You Need the Cavalier Tier 5 British Medium World of Tanks Sir Havo Best tier and tank for credit farming - posted in Vehicle Comparison: I am struggling to earn more credits especially considering I am stock grinding the ST-I. What tank and tier would you recommened for earning credits . World of Tanks: Ein neuer Stufe 10.

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The SU-85B is a Soviet tier 4 tank destroyer. In April-May of 1943, the SU-85B tank destroyer designed by the Gorky Automobile Plant underwent trials. The vehicle was a modernization of the SU-85A and featured the artillery LB-2 gun, 160-hp engine, and SU-76M chassis. The cabin, drive wheels, and spare parts kits were redesigned. Only one. After it's recent penetration and speed buffs, it's really a good buy for a player wanting their first tier 8 premium tank at 7,200 gold. The next 'best value' would be the M4A1 Revalorisé, it is also listed at 7,200 gold. Both tanks are good credit earners, as are most tier 8 premium tanks, but that's a whole other article in itself. WOT Tank Finder & Search Database (iFacePalm) March 20, 2021. Tips & Tricks . WOT Preferential Match Making Tanks (iFacePalm) January 8, 2021. Tips & Tricks. Best replays of the Week - How to? November 6, 2020. Tips & Tricks. Modpack Settings - Personal Setup (iFacePalm) September 29, 2020. Tips & Tricks. News - Equipment 2.0 Info (Wargaming) July 31, 2020. Tips & Tricks. Equipment.

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WOT Strongholds - Tier 10 Checklist (iFacePalm) by iFacePalm February 22, 2021 'Rule of Thumb' Tank Checklist for Strongholds Tier 10. A few rule of thumb to cover the basics for the Tier 10 Strongholds which is a gigantic step upwards in difficulty when moving up from tier 8, both because of the team size of now 15 vs 15 but also because of the general player skill level is much higher. Heavy tanks are probably the best class overall right now for a new player to start with. Every tank line has their own stand-out tanks at different tiers meaning that no matter what tank line you go down, there will always be one tank to keep. This is a list of tanks that when used properly are all fantastic and I would suggest playing them if you get the chance. Tier V: O-I Experimental, KV. Kommandanten! Ihr habt es wahrscheinlich schon vor einer Weile bemerkt, doch World of Tanks bietet nun ein umfassenderes Tutorial nach dem Ausbildungslager: die Besprechung.Diese Reihe von einfachen und lohnenden Aufträgen endet mit einem großen Geschenk: einer Wertmarke zum Freischalten eines Panzers der Stufe VI eurer Wahl.Solltet ihr sie noch nicht verwendet haben oder euren. Battle Pass is a seasonal game event during which you earn Points and progress through Stages. For completing Stages in Battle Pass, you get valuable rewards such as unique crew members, 2D and progressive styles, decals, days of WoT Premium Account, bonds, credits, Personal Reserves, directives, blueprint fragments, Crew Books, Garage slots, Tokens, standard equipment, and Bounty Equipment The PZ. III is a great all around medium tank that only struggles against tier 5+ tanks when it comes to damaging them frontally. The grind is straight forward and quick. Your mainly a jack of all trades tier 4 tank so don't try to play like a light tank or a heavy tank. VK 30.01 H (Tier 5

Renegade Tier 8, Heavy tank ★ Premium tank. Development of a new medium tank to replace the M48 began in the early 1950s. One prototype was built. In 1957, the project was discontinued in favor of the T95. The vehicle never entered service. Marks of Excellence requirements for Renegade: beta. 2517. 3397. 3775. Shots required to get MoE (per battle)Show guns. 105 mm Gun T140E3 (damage per. Poor DPM, one of the lowest for tier 8 medium tanks Poor gun depression Low power to weight ratio Thin side armour, can bet overmatched by any 150+ mm gun Upper frontal plate is very thin, vulnerable to artillery Performance . Gallery. History for this tank not found. USSR. Light Tanks: I MS-1 • II BT-2 • II T-45 • II T-26 • II T-60 • II Tetrarch • III BT-SV • III LTP • III M3. Wot nejlepší tank tier 6. 6100+ damage per battle World of Tanks on the French tier 6 heavy tank ARL 44. The ARL 44 has decent sloped frontal armour but a weak turret and paper-thin s.. Tier 6: Best Tank: Hellcat (M18) (USA) Why The Tank is the best for Tier 6: Tank Destroyers are definitely some of the biggest damage dealers in World of Tanks, and the Hellcat is no exception. Its top gun. A chevron is earned at the end of each battle. Chevrons are given to the 10 best players on the winning team and to the single best player on the losing team. If you reach the top 3 on a winning team, you will get an extra chevron world of tanks welche(r) panzer stufe 8 ist der beste (World of Tanks) ich frage mich welcher panzer bei wot stufe8 ist der besste Frage gestellt am 23

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